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Thanks to the void for highlighting this advertisement in which a bunch of companies known to be involved in workfare - alongside a bunch of others that presumably are or will be involved - try to convince the public that workfare is “a win-win for taxpayer, employers and, crucially, jobseekers themselves”.

At the bottom of the text is a list of signatories supporting the statement made in the article. Of those companies, the following are present in Norwich: Caremark, Homebase, Timpsons, BluebirdCare, Lloyds Bank General Insurance, Poundland, and Poundworld Retail. Whether they are currently involved in Workfare and related schemes or not, these are names to watch out for in the city due to their support for a widely declaimed system of humiliation and enforced labour.

Caged In, Norwich




I love Guy and Ian but this makes me wish Amy was Fugazi’s singer.

(Also I need to listen to more Fire Party.)

every band needs to feel it as much as this band. everyone needs to feel music like this. if you’re not, you’re not doing it right. lose yourself.

there has never been a time when i watched footage of this band and did not feel completely blown away.

this is my favourite live video on the internet. ever since they began the fugazi live archive i’ve waited for this one to become available. i still don’t think it is yet? it has a power way beyond any other version.

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Agent Attitude, Norwich
Agent Attitude, Norwich

Agent Attitude, Norwich

This Wednesday in Norwich! 

No Form, Nottingham
No Form, Nottingham

No Form, Nottingham

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce